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These communities are usually headed by another corporate outfit. When an app application is sent to them, they extract parts of the initial specification that can be designed simultaneously. This makes the entire app development prices faster and less expensive than if it was performed by a conventional developer.
This provides a fast and quality solution to business organizations

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Enterprise Apps Are Fueling Business Processes And Worker Productivity

Mobility has become an important consideration for businesses that want to remain competitive. A served conducted by Gartner recently showed that 80% of the organizations involved in the study increased their mobility expenditure by 36%

According to the book, The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt, the effects of mobility are: less inventory, increased throughput and fewer operational expenses.
A recent development, however, is that these workers now make use of smart devices to get real time updates on the ongoing project and also to to send feedback to the organization.
There are quite a lot of articles out there about big data.

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